UEFA Champions League Final 2014 : Review

Ronaldo goal celebration

Ronaldo goal celebration

By Daniel Chokoe

The UEFA Champions League final was a breath-taking roller coaster ride, it is certainly a game that will be remembered in many decades to come. It featured rival teams that are just separated by a street, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid battled it out in Lisbon, Portugal for the best club competition in the world.

Real Madrid were favourites to win the game, however a blunder from captain Iker Casillas meant that they went to half time trailing by a goal.

Real Madrid looked teethless upfront, which is hard to believe for a team that consist of two of the most expensive players in the world. Bale missed chances, Ronaldo barely had the ball. It took a powerful header from Sergio Ramos to put the match into extra time.

Gareth Bale made it 2-1 after heading a rebound from Angel Di Maria’s goal attempt, that goal went through Atletico fan’s hearts like a sharp knife. Soon substitute Marcelo made it 3-1, however an observation that I made is that Ronaldo did not celebrate any of those goals with his teammates.

He then tricked his way into the penalty area, and won a penalty which he converted to make it 4-1 to Los Blancos. The manner in which he celebrated was not only disrespectful, it also showed his arrogance and how his ego comes before the team. Honestly his goal was not a game defining one, it was just a cherry on top which deserved a mini celebration.

I love Cristiano however a true role model should show team spirit and put his ego behind the team in the pecking order.

Overall it was a nice treatment of football, until Brazil 2014 comes calling.

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