Top 6 Omissions For Fifa World Cup 2014

By Daniel Chokoe


The countdown for the biggest sporting competition in the world has begun, top players will be preparing to showcase their class against other gifted individuals. Unfortunately some will be watching the showpiece on television as they have been snubbed by their managers, whether because of politics or form.

Diski Express has put a list of top 6 snubs for the 2014 World Cup :

6. Ashley Cole – lack of game time under Mourinho has cost arguably the best LB a place on a plane to Brazil. This has led to his retirement from international football. It is still hard to believe that he was not even considered for the provisional squad.

5. Kaka – The one time Balloon dor winner left Real Madrid seeking for game time elsewhere however with AC Milan’s poor performance Scholari had look at other players. This could be the end for Kaka’s international career.

4. Carlos Teves – It is hard to believe that the last time Teves donned an Argentina Jersey was in  the 2011 Copa America. Although He is a talented individual and had an amazing season with Juventus, a fallout with the manager means Teves will watch the showpiece on t.v.

3. Maarten Stekelenburg – Another shocking omission is that of the former Holland number one. He was their first choice in the last world cup and Euros, although his performance was not on par at Fulham it is still a bitter pill to swallow for Stekelenburg who was not even considered for the provisional squad.

2. Samir Nasri – Samir will consider himself one of the unluckiest players alive, he was snubbed in the last world cup after a great season with Arsenal. He had an even better season with Manchester City, being very influential in their league victory. His personality seems to have cost him a place in Deschamps’ team.


1. Landon Donovan – USA is not traditionally known as a football nation. One player who comes to mind first when you mention USA has to be Landon Donovan. He has carried the nation on his shoulders for the past decade however Klinsmann believes he can do without Donovan.


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