Who will win the world cup?

By Daniel Chokoe

Now with the final four teams confirmed, I believe its about time to predict the winner.

I will be putting my body on the line with this one, as I for see history being made.

A point worth noting is the fact that only a South American team has won a world cup in South America, so if history will repeat itself a winner will either be Argentina or their rivals Brazil.

The semi-final clashes are as follows:
Germany vs Brazil
Netherlands vs Argentina

Germany vs Brazil

Germany look a more solid team than Brazil, they have played better than the hosts who will be without their main danger man in Namibia Jr. This is the perfect opportunity for Germany to get back at Brazil who brought misery to them in Korea 2002, when the in form Ronaldo took the world cup from their grasp.

Joachim Leow has been a great manager for Germany, he came close to winning major trophies on a lot of occasions, you just get a sense that if he fails to win this one Germany will let go off him.

Final Prediction : Germany to win

Netherlands vs Argentina

Argentina has done so well to get so far, nobody really gave them a chance to get this far. They have not been up against a world class team up to so far, at least not one in the same league as Netherlands. Argentina will also be without a key player in the form of Di Maria, I feel the Netherlands will have full control of this game. Netherlands have a vast of attacking options meanwhile Argentina has probably the weakest defence of the semi-final teams.

Prediction: Netherlands to win the game


History will be made as a European side will win the world cup on South American soil, in addition another record will be brought to the front as Netherlands will win against Germany to register their first ever world cup triumph.

I have put my head on the block.


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