#MondayMadness : You stopped the penalty…..or so you think

By Daniel Chokoe

On today’s column on Monday madness, we throwback a bit to 2010 were a Moroccan goalkeeper became an internet sensation after making a bizarre mistake.

How it happened:

Khalid Askri thought he had saved a crucial spotkick in a Moroccan Cup game playing for FAR Rabat against Moghreb Fes.

The confident keeper pointed to his left as the Moghreb player stepped up to take the penalty.

And when he dutifully hit a low shot to Askri’s left, the keeper made a diving save, pushing the ball away from his line.

He then celebrated thinking the spot kick was saved however the ball stiil had some momentum to sink into a lonely empty, a classical “from hero to zero” moment.

Enjoy the video below: